One Bernam achieves new high of $3,344 psf

one Bernam, which was sold by the developer for $1.55M in the week of 9 to 15 March, topped the list. The 29th-floor flat measures 463 sf, which translates to $3,344/sq ft.

The transaction breaks the previous record for the highest price per square foot of $3,340 set by One Bernam when they sold a unit of 452 sq.ft. for $1.51M in November.

One Bernam consists of a mixed development in Tanjong Pagar, District 2. It is located on Bernam Street. The 99-year project is a mixed-use development consisting of a tower of 35 floors housing 351 apartments, two-storey retail podiums of 15,726 ft2 and one-floor serviced apartments. One Bernam consists of a majority of one and two bedroom units between 441-872 sq ft. Also available are three-bedroom apartments of 1,421sq ft as well as three penthouses. The residences at One Bernam are scheduled to be sold starting in May of 2021.

As of today, 217 units, or roughly 62%, have been taken, with an average selling price of $2.54 per sq.ft. The project’s temporary occupation permits are expected in 2026.

Sea View was also the highest-priced psf during this past week. On March 15, a 3,69 million dollar apartment with 1,410 square feet and three bedrooms on the 21st-floor changed hands at $2,617 for each. The new record comes less than 3 weeks after the previous high, which was set in February when a unit measuring 1,216 sq.ft. sold for $3.15million ($2,590/sq.ft.).

The seller had purchased the unit in April 2011, at a price of $2.18m ($1,546psf). They therefore made a total gain of 1,51 million dollars on the transaction.

The Sea View was a completed freehold condo at Amber Road in the District 15 in 2008. It has five blocks of 22 stories, with 546 residential units. There are three types of residences: one-bedders measuring 527-560 square feet, three bedders measuring 1,216-1410 square feet, and four bedroom units measuring 1,518-1 647. Penthouses have four or five bedrooms and range in size from 2,196 sq ft to 2,723 sq ft.

Adam Park Condominium has also seen a price increase in psf during this past week. A second-floor two-bedroom apartment measuring 958 sq. ft. sold for $1.95mil, or $2.035psf. on 8th March. The seller sold the apartment for $1.03million, or $1.075 per square foot. This resulted in a $920,000 gain.

The sale of this unit on the 8th of March represents a record-breaking psf in Adam Park. It surpasses the previous high price of $2.018 set last August for a 958 sq. ft. unit that sold for 1.93 million dollars. The second time in the history of the project, a unit was sold for more than $2,000 per sq ft.

Adam Park Condominium is located on Adam Road, in District 11. In 2004, the development was completed. There are 118 residential units including two bedroom units between 893 and 1119 sq ft. Three-bedroom unit sizes range from 1141 to 1410 sq ft. Four-bedroom unit sizes range from 1453 to 1636 sq. Penthouses with two-to-four-bedrooms, measuring 1,765-2,799 sq.ft. are also available.

During the week reviewed, there were no new psf-price lowests.

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